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Revision History

Version » Revision History

Revision Date Version Changes 13/01/2021 1.0 Initial Document 22/01/2020 1.1 Added HA and single deployment diagrams in Section 7 08/02/2021 1.2 Ammended supported browsers …

HTTPS/TLS Encryption

Appendices » HTTPS/TLS Encryption

To configure HTTPS/TLS encryption in front of the WorkSpaces Manager Appliance, you can add a Network Load Balancer as explained below. If you have not created a Network Load Balancer, refer to it create one NLB. Now that we have a friendly hostname, we can associate…

User/Admin Portal

High Availability » User/Admin Portal

There are several ways that HA can be provided for the Portal including Auto Scaling Groups. The simplest method is to make an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) of your appliance. 1. Log into your Amazon Web Services EC2 site using your administrative…

Active Directory Service Account

Prerequisites for the installation of the WorkSpaces Manager appliance » Active Directory Service Account

When adding the AD Service Account to support AWS WorkSpaces you will have to provide an account with permissions to create computer objects within AD to the OU specified at the time. • See Administrator Active Directory Permissions for details We recommend using…

SES Configuration

Appendices » SES Configuration

To configure AWS Simple Email Service (SES) as a SMTP Relay for WorkSpaces Manager, we will need to do the following steps: 1) DNS Domain to be used as sender 2) Create DNS records as requested 3) Create SMTP Credentials 4) Test emails 5) Configure WSM First, navigate…

Installing the WorkSpaces Management appliance from AWS Marketplace

Installing the Appliance » Installing the WorkSpaces Management appliance from AWS Marketplace

Please ensure you are logged on to your AWS Console. Proceed to the AWS Marketplace and search for ‘Workspaces Manager Appliance’. Alternatively, click this link AWS Marketplace to take you there. When found, select ‘Continue to subscribe’. You now need…